Roof Mount

Roof Mount

SnapNrack offers a full suite of PV mounting systems for all roof types, from residential pitched roofs to large commercial flat roofs. Standard pre-engineered systems for tilts up to 45 Degrees, wind speeds to 150 MPH and snow loads to 110 psf, SnapNrack offers a fast and elegant solution for every project.

SnapNrack Series 100 Roof Mount System

The SnapNrack Series 100 Roof Mount System is an efficient, visually appealing, photovoltaic (PV) module installation system. Focused on residential roof mount installations, Series 100 has options for both sloped and flat roofs, with options for a variety of roofing types. This series was developed in the field by a team of veteran solar engineers and installers, who wanted a quick and efficient installation. Industry leading installation times are achieved with unique Snap-in fasteners and fully adjustable components that make installation of roof mounted solar arrays easy at lower costs.

SnapNrack Series 100 Features at-a-glance

 Worry-free waterproof flashing

 Snap-In Channel Nuts Speed Installation

 Single tool for all hardware

 No Drilling or cutting required

 Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel

 Complete suite of roof attachment options

SnapNrack PV Mounting Systems for Metal Roofs (Standing Seam and Corrugated Metal Roofs)

SnapNrack has solutions for most commonly used metal roofs. Corrugate roof blocks for standard corrugated metal roof profices and Series 500 seam clamps for a non-penetrating solution for standing seam metal roofs. There are options for both flush mounted modules to a pitched roof, and a tilted system for flat roofs.

SnapNrack Series 500 Features at-a-glance

 Does not penetrate roof

 Single bolt speeds installation

 Flush mount or tilted

 Two profiles available to fit most common seam profiles

 More than 15MW installed

 Cam design applies pressure evenly on seam

SnapNrack Series 450 Ballasted or Hybrid Commercial Roof Mount System

Series 450 is SnapNrack’s solution for larger scale flat roof mounted systems, recommended for arrays 50kW and larger. Series 450 is a hybrid system with both ballasting and positively attached options for installation. The design of this system allows for significant venting to keep modules cool and the combination of aggressive wind screening of the array and a semi-rigid structure results in a system that has excellent wind uplift characteristics at the lowest possible weight. This system has been tested in a wind tunnel to allow for the lowest possible weight and connection requirements. Also, customers are provided with extremely detailed information about the wind loads on an array to ensure safety through the life of the system.

SnapNrack Series 450 Features at-a-glance

 Aggressive module cooling

 Available in 5, 12, and 20 degree tilts

 Seismic attachments available where necessary

 Rapid installation for projects large and small

 Fully ballasted systems possible from 2.6 psf to 6.0 psf

 Fully wind tunnel tested